All plans below are:
UNLIMITED internet
No lock in contracts - they are all on a month by month basis
Prices quoted are payable per month and are inclusive of GST


12/1 mbps

*9 mbps average download evening speed



25/10 mbps

*20 mbps average download evening speed



50/20 mbps

*40 mbps average download evening speed



100/40 mbps

*80 mbps average download evening speed


The underlying network for service provision is the National Broadband Network.

1. For the purposes of calculating data, 1 GB = 1000MB. Only downloads are counted towards your plan included data limit. Once you have used all of your plan’s included data, your service speed will be slowed. If you do not want your service speed to be slowed, you have the option to purchase a data block of 10GB for $1O

2. Speed refers to the maximum port access speed. Actual speeds may differ due to various factors including your equipment, the capacity of our systems and our suppliers, the number of end-users using the service, the applications you are using and the websites you are accessing. We therefore cannot guarantee that you will receive the maximum port access speed at your premises.


The following link is intended to provide you a guide to help better understand broadband technologies and factors that can influence the performance of your broadband services – https://www.commsalliance.com.au/BEP


ALL SITES * There is no connection fee to connect an NBN broadband service with NGV.  Additional charges for broadband hardware and technician visits may apply depending on requirements.


Your NBN service requires a working modem or router to access your service. NGV supplies your hardware when connecting your service with us.  Hardware modems are charged at $125.00 each.

You have the option to purchase and configure your own hardware, however NGV will not provide support directly relating to this hardware. 

For information about NGV supplied hardware terms, including information about warranty, please view our NGV Hardware Terms and Conditions

If your address is not yet ready for NBN, you can register your interest with us and we will contact you when your address is ready.

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