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*Please see attached terms and conditions or visit our website at


To ensure your privacy you may be asked to identify yourself with personal information.
This may include any such information you provide on this application agreement, however for added security, please choose a question that only you will know the answer to: e.g My place of birth.


NGV Telephone Solutions

SIP Trunk Services

Small Business Plan - $25 p/mMedium Business Plan - $50 p/mCorporate Plan - $99 p/m

Includes 5 in-dial number range.

Includes 10 in-dial number range.

Includes 100 in-dial number range.

Additional Services

Below information is requested for an authorised account holder with the company that we will port the number/s from:

Last name:

Given name(s):

Date Of Birth:

E-Mail Address:

Current Service Address:

Address For Installation:

Numbers to port:
*please separate numbers by comma, If porting a number range use first number of range with a hyphen then the last number in the range*

Previous Carrier:

Previous Carrier Account #:

Local calls: 12c unlimited
National calls: 12c unlimited
Australian mobile calls: 19c per min
13/1300 calls: 35c per call
International rates: From 11c per min (plus 5c flag fall) to Belgium, Canada, China, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Additional 100 In-Dial Number Range $44.95

White Pages Listing?

Call Wait Enabled?

NGV 101 Voicemail Service?

Inbound Call Costs

1300, 1800 & 13 NumbersConnection Fee (*charged once only) $25.00

1300 Number 1800 Number 13 Number
Monthly Fee $15.00p/m $15.00p/m $830.00p/m
Local Calls 10c per min 10c per min 10c per min
National Calls 10c per min 10c per min 10c per min
Mobile Calls 19c per min 19c per min 19c per min
*By consenting to a new connection or porting of existing number, you agree to pay the monthly service fee and Inbound call charges as nominated above.
Direct debit

Direct Debit payment method is mandatory in order to receive services from Next Generation Voice Pty Ltd.

By providing my credit card details, I hereby agree and give Next Generation Voice Pty Ltd permission to charge and debit my credit card for the duration I have services with Next Generation Voice Pty Ltd.

Debits will occur on a monthly basis on the invoice due date. I understand I am able to cancel this direct debit at any time by providing notification in writing to Next Generation Voice Pty Ltd.

If my contract states it is mandatory I pay my account by direct debit, I understand that by cancelling my direct debit I am also cancelling my services. No refund is applicable for cancellation of services that occurs prior to the billing date.

Please complete all the fields below..

Card Number

Expiry - Month

Expiry - Year

Invoice delivery

Billing email address

Signature and acceptance

I request the supply of the above services on the terms & conditions and customer agreement provided.
I warrant that all information in this application is true and correct. If I am an individual applicant I consent under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), to the access, use and disclosure of information by NGV in any circumstances not prohibited by the Act. I warrant that I am NGV’s customer in respect of the services.
If the Customer is a company, signatory hereby warrants that he/she is duly authorised to sign this application on behalf of the Company.

Representative Full Name

To return your completed application you can email it to us at: or mail it to us at: 1/37 Expansion St, Molendinar, QLD 4214 or alternatively return the completed form to your community manager and they will pass it on to us.


General terms and conditions

  1. You may be able to keep your existing telephone number. To check if this option is available for you, please contact us
    on 1800 007 648 Monday to Friday during the hours of 8:30am to 4:00pm (excludes public holidays) or email us
  2. Special Service Numbers beginning with 19 are NOT available from this service, this includes competition lines.
  3. Some Telstra services such as *10# and 1234 are not available from this service.
  4. NGV provides support services for telephone & Internet related issues between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm, Monday
    to Friday only. This excludes public holidays. The contact number for support is 1800 007 648. After hours support
    available for emergencies only.
  5. NGV charges a monthly access fee which includes your minimum service charges as per your agreement.
    Any additional charges related to calls are billed in arrears at the rates contained in this agreement.
  6. Limitations of the service: NGV will use reasonable commercial endeavours to provide a continuous service. However,
    makes no guarantees that access will be available at all times and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be liable for any
    losses whatsoever that may be incurred as a result of the unavailability of the Service. You acknowledge that there may be a
    reduction in availability during periods of maintenance and enhancement of the Service The installation of the services may
    cause temporary interruption to current Internet provision or telephony services.
  7. NGV telephone solution monthly service charges do not include the telephone hardware.
  8. NGV is not responsible for malicious attacks by Virus, Trojans & Worms which may cause the user’s computer to be
    damaged or require repair. All PC protection software is the sole responsibility of the end user.
  9. If a tech install (site visit) is required, an additional $100 charge will apply, please contact our office if you are unsure if
    you will require a visit.
  10. The minimum service contract is 1 month, there is no lock-in period and you are free to disconnect your service after the
    first month.
  11. New connections will be pro-rata from the date that the service is connected.
  12. Hosted phone plans can only be provided when the customer has an active internet service with speeds of 12/1 or higher.
  13. You indemnify NGV for call quality issues due to congestion of shared network of data and voice traffic.
  14. NGV are not responsible for call quality if the customer is using a third party for the provision of internet services.
  15. All prices stated on this application form are inclusive of GST.
  16. For full terms and conditions please visit our website at:
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