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Information About Billing

Billing periods

NGV has five monthly billing periods. Your service charges are billed one (1) month in advance, and your phone calls made are billed one (1) month in arrears.  New customers are assigned one of these based on the estate where the services are. Our four billing periods are:
Billing Period Starts Billing Period Ends
1st of the month Last day of the month
7th of the month 6th of the following month
14th of the month 13th of the following month
24th of the month 23rd of the following month
25th of the month 24th of the following month

Billing media and format

NGV’s standard process is to email your bill to your nominated email address.  If you would prefer to receive your bill by post, this will incur a $2.00 monthly fee.

You can change how you receive your bill by emailing us at, or phone – 1800 007 NGV (1800 007 648) 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Please click here for a sample NGV invoice which is designed to help you understand your bill and outlines the various elements of your monthly charges.


Payment options

Here at NGV we like to offer our customers flexible payment options, however our preferred payment method is Direct Debit.  Direct Debit gives you peace of mind that your account is paid on time, therefore ensuring you are not liable for overdue payment fees *You must have sufficient funds in your account to allow the direct debit to process on a monthly basis. You can also pay us by Credit Card over the phone (Mastercard or Visa), Direct Deposit via online banking, Cheque, or in person at 1/37 Expansion St, Ernest, QLD.  All we ask is that you pay your account by the due date.

Secure payment gateways are used for all online payments.

payments and overdue accounts

Here at NGV we like to give you the freedom to choose how you pay, all we ask is that you pay your invoice by the due date to avoid any late payment fees.

Time to Pay
NGV’s payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice.  Late payment fees of $10.00 will apply if you don’t pay your account by the due date, and NGV reserves the right to suspend services for overdue accounts.

Obligation to Pay
When you sign up for a specific service with us, there are terms and conditions relating to that specific service, including details of the contract period and specific pricing details; these are contained on the application form you complete, and in the terms and conditions on our website. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree that you have an obligation to pay for that service. Under this obligation you agree to pay for your services within the payment terms and accept that failure to pay will result in late payment fees or service restrictions and/or cancellation.

Pro-Rata Fees
Pro-rata refers to being charged a proportion of a fee on your bill. Pro-rata may appear on your first invoice, or if you ask us for a new service mid-way through a billing cycle, it will also appear on your next invoice. Pro-rata is calculated based on the number of days between your activation date and the date of your actual billing cycle (inclusive). For example, if your invoice cycle runs from the 14th of one month until the 13th of the following month, and we provide you with a new service from the 4th of March, you would be invoiced pro-rata fees from 4th March to 13th March, plus your monthly service charges in advance from 14th March to 13th April. These fees would then appear on the invoice that we generate soon after your billing period ends on 13th March.

Overdue Accounts
A late payment fee of $10.00 will be charged each month for any NGV accounts not paid by the due date. In addition to charging late payment fees, NGV also reserves the right to restrict, suspend or cancel services where payment has not been received.
NGV will give you a courtesy call requesting payment of the overdue amounts when your account is 30 days or more overdue, and also when your account is 45 days or more overdue.  When your account is 60 days or more overdue, you will receive a final notice email giving you 7 days to pay your account in full.  Should payment not be received, your services will be cancelled and your account sent to a collections agency.  Should you wish to reconnect after cancellation, our standard connection fees will apply, and your application for connection will only be accepted if the payment method selected is Direct Debit.
If your account is consistently overdue and payment is not received within the 14 day payment term, NGV will request that your payment method be Direct Debit in order to continue providing the services.

Additional Fees
If your account is on direct debit and you cancel a payment we have already taken, we will charge you a bank fee of $25.00.  This is charged to you to recover what we have been charged, and you agree to paying this fee.  The only time we will not charge you this bank fee is if NGV incorrectly debited monies that were not due and payable by you.

Financial Assistance
NGV has a financial hardship policy to assist customers suffering financial hardship to discharge their financial obligations to NGV over a period of time. To view our Financial Hardship Policy click here.

Payment Arrangements/Part Payment
NGV may assist customers with reaching reasonable payment arrangements, taking into account each customer’s individual circumstances. The basic principle of any payment arrangement is to ensure a customer’s debt reduces at a reasonable level over time. If you are unable to pay your account by the due date and would like to discuss a payment arrangement with us please contact us directly on 1800 007 NGV (1800 007 648).

If you don't pay all amounts you owe by the date the payment is due, we will charge you a late fee of $10.00. In addition to charging late payment fees, NGV reserves the right to cancel services for overdue accounts and hand your account to a collections agency.

Need to contact us? Call us on 1800 007 NGV (648) or Email us at